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Web sites support

As always it happens, if there is new toy, all want to play it. But time passes, and once favorite toy bored and goes gathering dust in a drawer. Typically, the same thing is happening with the websites. Without constant attention from the creator, any resource very quickly lose its relevance, design and content may be out of date, and the change in the algorithms of search engines can significantly reduce the positions in the SERPs. And after all there are seasonal changes in the design of the site, such as holidays or the anniversary of the company. Besides marketing strategies provide for all sorts of events and activities. All these have to be in displaying the pages of your website.

To avoid this, i will take care about technical, design and information support.

Go! What`s next?

Have you thought about who will support the site? Who will monitor the position in the search, add new information to the site page, prevents malicious scripts, viruses? Who prolong hosting, create a new banner for the main action, etc. etc?

Save you time!

The services to support sites. I have everything to do it efficiently and in a timely manner - knowledge in the design, optimization and promotion of sites, experience and special skills.

Order support

Having entrusted me support for your web site, you will give a powerful impulse for its development. I take care of it the best way, in the meantime, you can concentrate on other important issues of your business.

Technical support include:

  • granting and extension of the hosting
  • data backup
  • configuration and support for corporate e-mail
  • monitoring of technical parameters
  • protection against breaking
  • preventing penetration into website of malicious scripting, viruses

The information support includes:

  • adjustment of positions of a site with changes in the algorithm of search engines by optimizing pages
  • content management (filling the site with new articles and images)
  • blogging or community filling
  • support forum
  • neutralization of the negative opinion about the company
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