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Design by Ihor Hluhoi


How to make your company recognizable and successful? What is needed to order to operate your advertising be as effective? These difficult questions to ask yourself a lot of of businessmen. And the answer is obvious - the first step to success is to create a unique and attractive graphic design of your unique selling proposition. The logo and other elements of corporate identity make it easy to remember your company and to stand out among competitors.


The experience and skills of our team, allow to create different types of graphic design, which you can find on the examples of our works. We know how to create the such advertising that will not leave anyone indifferent.


If you are ready to order the creation of graphic design or need information support and consultation - we are available through contacts on the site.

Creating graphic design

Quality graphic design. This "alpha", from which we are moving in the incarnation of any project entrusted to us.

We hope that you also share our opinion that without a proper graphic design almost any, even the most wonderful idea is doomed to failure.

And really - why one thing (advertising, interface, website design) captures our attention, and the other goes unnoticed?

It's all about the details conjunction, which puts the designer in his creation.

  • composition
  • the harmonious combination of colors
  • the understandable typography
  • high-quality illustrative material
  • competent records of the target audience
  • moderate self-criticism

and, most importantly, a sense of proportion is determined excellent result of our work in the creation of design objects.

Constantly improving the practice, we creates vivid examples of graphic design, get acquainted with them, you can look into the category of "Our works".

Here are some types of graphic design to create:

  • logo (trademark), corporate identity, brand book
  • graphic advertising materials for printing and outdoor advertising, and development of a set of materials for advertising campaigns
  • design of printed products (including cards)
  • navigation and orientation diagrams and infographics
  • design of packaging, labels, POS-materials
  • web design
  • design of signage and facades, exhibition stands, small architectural forms
  • layout prints