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Organization and launch of online advertising campaigns


You have a website through which you are planning to sell goods or provide services? Do not want to wait until the website takes a high position in the search results to increase the number of customers? You want to call you now? What you need for this?


To achieve the increase of website visits and calls to interested audiences, you can use contextual advertising. Users, who are looking for your product or service, themselves will find your website or online store, and make an order - you need just in time to place your ad on the Internet. I help you to organize and launch advertising campaigns.


Organize for you ad campaigns in Google Adwords, FaceBook, create effective ads, conduct all the necessary adjustments in advertising, and at the end of the campaigns will provide reports for you. You will only take orders.


I ready to help you in the organization of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. The main advantage of this type of advertising is the fact - that this is the fastest way to declare about your website or the services/products on the Internet. And if the new website takes time to learn about him his first visitors (usually at least a month, with proper construction of campaign optimization and promotion), but thanks to our agency organized advertising company, about your website will speak tomorrow.

Contextual advertising is placed on the websites of search engines and has the form of ad on the page. This ad has can be at the top, side or bottom of the results of organic search and catches the eye of the user in the first place.Ads appear in the moment when the entered user's search query contains the same keywords that your ad. If he interested in an ad, simply by clicking on it, he goes to your website. Voila, so simple!

So as a result we get not just a visitor, but we have a potential client, as the visitor is not accidental visited the site, but purposefully clicked the link in the ad unit. This means that he is interested in your product or service. We only can convert from a potential customer to the real. This advertising pays off 100% - you pay only for complete transition to the site.

Detailed statistics provided by Google services during the course of campaigns, allows you to customize size of the budget, correct it during the campaign, which ultimately makes the process of financial transparency. Customers can study the statistics of their companies as "online - right now," and in the periodic reports on the results of advertising campaigns.

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