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Having a website at a company increases the level of trust of potential customers. Today it is a prerequisite for business development. Website development for a firm or company helps your clients save time and effort in finding the information they need on the Internet, which in turn increases their level of confidence in you. Your presence on the Internet demonstrates that you are a serious company and deserve cooperation.

But there is a difference between the website and the website, and the presence of a company site (at least of some kind) in itself is not able to resolve the issues of interaction with customers. This is exactly the problem that the transport and travel company TUR-BUS (Kremechug) had. There was a website, the creation of which was negligent, to put it mildly - an ill-conceived structure, low-quality photographic material, duplicated or uninformative articles, the absence of meta-tags and many other errors that prevent the website from fully attracting the company's clients.

Creation of professional websites for business is our specialization.

It was decided to develop the new website on CMS Wordpress, since the previous website was created on Wordpress and the website owners understood how to manage it and add new materials. The work on the new website began with the creation of a structure that was understandable for clients and the selection of high-quality photographic material. Then a new design was developed and the existing articles from the old website were revised. Also, two language versions of the website were created separately - Russian and Ukrainian. And finally, the initial search engine optimization of all pages of the site was carried out.

As a result, the satisfied customer received just such a website that suits him. Now, with its help, he will be able to interest and attract much more customers than the old website of the company could have done.

If you are also not satisfied with an outdated website - contact Intui agency, we will help you create a website of your dreams that will work for you and your business, attracting new customers and strengthening the loyalty of old ones.

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