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Create a Landing Page for the company Decor-Plus

Company Decor-Plus for more than 5 years has been installing stretch ceilings in Kremenchug, Gorishniye Plavni and other settlements of the Poltava region. During this time, the company firmly established the reputation of a responsible and reliable contractor. And as a serious company clearly needs its own website about the services and benefits, then it was decided to order the development of the site. Among many agencies that create websites in the region, the management has chosen our agency of design and advertising. Having a lot of experience in creating working marketing tools, we offered our own version of the layout design for the landing page of the company.

Landing page for the company Decor-Plus was decided to develop immediately in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and Russian in order to make it more convenient to conduct advertising campaigns in contextual advertising. Using photo materials of the customer, informative sliders were created that visually explained the company's activities. Clearly written services of the company allow potential customers to get the most information from the first seconds of their stay on the website. The block with the advantages of the company displays the main points of cooperation. A separate information block presents examples of work performed - clearly illustrating the possibilities of Decor-Plus.

When designing landing for Decor-Plus all the possibilities of communication with the customer have been used - it is possible to request a call back, send a call to order the measurement, make a preliminary calculation. The block with the prices allows the future client of the company to generate the approximate budget necessary for the beginning of works. Feedback from previous customers about the company helps to win the trust of new customers.

Landing page for the company Decor-Plus turned out as it was designed - simple, clear with the necessary information located in a conspicuous place. Visitors to the site do not need to spend a huge amount of time in order to understand the functionality - everything is intuitively understandable and intuitive. Consultants of Decor-Plus can only accept orders.

Landing page


  • Design, programming: Igor Gluhoj.
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