Redesign and optimize the usability of the website

Redesign and optimization of usability of site sushi-cafe Aquarium

Sushi Cafe Aquarium is one of the oldest of our clients. The cooperation has always been fruitful for many years - our agency created for the Aquarium site, repeatedly carried out photography for the menu, organized online advertising, created a huge amount of printed advertising products. Such diverse application of the opportunities of the advertising industry allowed sushi cafe to take the leading position in the region and attract a large number of regular visitors.

But the management of the sushi cafe Aquarium is not going to dwell on the achievement, but wants to develop further by improving its services. That is why there was an idea to improve the existing site. Despite the fact that the old site was created in 2012, it worked perfectly and fully coped with its functions, but it was time to improve it and "modernize".

Visitors familiar color scheme was decided to leave unchanged, but the functionality of the site needed processing. If the old site had an opportunity only to get acquainted with the menu, then the new site introduces the possibility of self-formation and implementation of the order, as in the online store. Thus, customers of the sushi cafe Aquarium were able to easily order lunch home or office with delivery without long negotiations by phone.

Work was done on site adaptation for convenient viewing of the website on smartphones or tablets, added new photos and videos, redesigned and extended section with interesting information "About sushi and not only". Added Google Street View Cards for ease of targeting.

In general, the design of the site has become more spacious, clear and convenient. We sincerely hope that the permanent and new customers of the sushi cafe Aquarium will appreciate our work.


website redesign

Product page

website redesign

Page with shopping cart

website redesign

Product category page

website redesign

A page with interesting information

website redesign

  • Design, programming: Igor Gluhoj.
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