Landing page Dimol

Create a landing page for the company Dimol - Ukrainian manufacturer of ceramic electric heaters

The development of Internet technology today makes the business world differently to build their business strategy. And if in 2000-tion's firm to look respectable enough to have a simple corporate website, today the same firm to just stay "afloat" is necessary to carry out advertising campaigns, do e-mail newsletter, promote the profiles in social networks. But on the other hand, today the company has a lot more channels of communication with the client.

There is no doubt that today, those companies that actively use the Internet channels to attract more customers to develop more dynamic, even in times of crisis. This company is a Ukrainian manufacturer of ceramic thermal electric heaters TOV "TVF DІMOL." To enter the market the company DІMOL commissioned the our agency to develop landing page, which has helped the company to quickly find its niche and with the help ofhigh quality organized campaigns to significantly increase sales.

landing page Dimol

  • Design, programming: Igor Glukhoj.
  • The prototype, copywriting, optimization: Vladimir Artemenko.
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