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Landing Page SystemaPlus

Creating a landing page for the the company SystemaPlus - provider of services for the selection, installation, warranty and maintenance of blinds, protective rollet, roller blinds and sectional doors in the Odessa.

When creating a truly effective Landing Page developers should consider a lot of factors - especially the advertised product, the level of competition at the market, the preferences of potential buyers and many others. In addition, this information is received from the customer or extracted by analyzing a market niche by the developers, has to be properly represented graphically on the page itself. The result of this hard work will be is the same cherished conversion visitors into buyers or customers.

Company SystemaPlus, provider of services for the selection, installation and warranty and service blinds, protective rollet, roller blinds and sectional doors in the Odessa has a huge desire to carry out sales via the Internet. To do this they need to effectively landing page. Namely about this they turned to us. The agency design and advertising INTUI responsibly approached this problem and as a result the customer has received a powerful marketing tool that has allowed the company SystemaPlus reach a new level of sales.


Link to website rolleta.od.ua


Landing Page SystemaPlus


  • Design, Programming: Igor Gluhoj.
  • Prototype, copywriting, optimization: Vladimir Artemenko.
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