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Landing page Ventodessa

Creating a a landing page for the reseller of the company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Odessa.

Landing page - very flexible in setting up a marketing tool, which was appreciated by many of our clients. Why not - because with just a single web page (of course with required "selling" design and functionality), you can start selling today! For this to have happened, you need to create an advertising campaign in the systems of contextual advertising Google AdWords and/or Yandex Direct, and direct the visitors of these systems on your landing page. This is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors interested in this you can be sure personally.

A particularly in increasing the number of sales interested the company VentOdessa - reseller of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Odessa. Front of our agency had the task - to create an efficient and attractive Landing Page that will work, bringing income. INTUI team in a short time to carry out this task by offering a single-page website in Joomla, with selling unique design, that displays not only assortment and the company's services, but also allows you to make feedback for the buyer with the company. Since the site was originally optimized for contextual advertising, the advertising campaigns have attracted a significant number of buyers. This made it possible to quite easily and quickly recoup the cost of creating the site and advertising.



Landing page Ventodessa


  • Design, programming: Igor Gluhoj.
  • The prototype, copywriting, optimization: Vladimir Artemenko.
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