Manufacturer logo

Creating a logo for accessories of leather manufacturer.

It is no coincidence that the most memorable logos are also the most simple in appearance. Concise and informative mark can hold a lot more information than just the name of the company. As such, the logos of some major car companies automatically indicate a high level of comfort and safety.

Every company in need of attractive and memorable identity. Consumers are usually the first fleeting glance at the logo, already subconsciously ready make their choice. And if logo will be unprofessional decorated, most likely choice will be not in favor of product under that logo.

Manufacturer of leather accessories company Duchesse to market entry needs to create a memorable brand name for their products. Design and advertising agency INTUI developed a unique, eye-catching and memorable logo, allows you to create a good impression among customers and cause them confidence.

Logo Design Variant 1.


Logo Design Variant 2.


Logo Design Variant 3.


Logo Design Variant 4.


  • Design: Igor Gluhoj.
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