Logo for clothing

The trademark for the product is is definitely the most important element of the brand. After all, he is doing a particular product such a unique and desirable for buyers.

Creating a logo for sportswear manufacturer.

The logo should be memorable, original, associative and perform the essential functions of the impact on consumers:

  • to establish immediate contact between the carrier and the recipient;
  • provide information on the identity of the product and the company;
  • leaves a pleasant emotional impression.

Sportswear manufacturer company "Manner" after rebranding desperately needed a new, catchy brand name for their products. By contacting with our agency, the management of the company in a short time got exactly what they wanted - the original, high-quality and memorable logo, allows you to create a good impression among customers.

Version of design of trademark 1 .




Version of design of trademark 2.




Version of design of trademark 3.




  • Design: Igor Gluhoj.
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