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Welcome to my site! Portfolio pages contain works on design, photography and website creation. Contact me if my experience helps in improving the company's advertising messages or creating sales channels.


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Web Sites

Website of the transport and tourism com…

Website development on Wordpress for the transport and travel company TUR-BUS (Kremenchug).

Сайт автокрану

Heaters Online Shop

Bad is the Landing, which does not want to become an online store.

Сайт автокрану

Crane service site

The site provides services of a truck crane, manipulator and cargo transportation.

Замовити сайт компанії

The company's website in Kremenchug

Developed a website for a private company what specializing in ventilated facades and...

The site of a private company

Website development for a private company specializing in underwater technical works and construction...

Windows, doors, gates, shutters and more

Website development for a private enterprise specializing in the manufacture of windows, gates...

Website of a construction company

The site of the construction company is completed.

Redesign of the site of the construction…

Redesign and transfer of business site to another CMS


Logo for the manufacturer

Creating a logo of a decorative stone manufacturer StoneTown.

Logo of language school

Development of the logo of the children's language school LondonEye.

Logo of the medical center

Creating a logo for the Jordan microscopy dentistry center.

Logo for the Forum

Logo for the First Hortitsky Dental Forum, Zaporozhye

Logo for clothing

Creating a logo for sportswear manufacturer.

Manufacturer logo

Creating a logo for accessories of leather manufacturer.

Graphic design

Design of an online store

Design of an online cosmetic equipment store.

Homepage design

Designing the main page for the service of kashering.

Poster design

The series of new year posters

Trading network "Princip" design of the series of congratulatory posters for billboards and...